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Children’s Book

Book Cover, The Cat Who Forgot How to Play by Maria VeresThe Cat Who Forgot How to Play

2023, Pat Becker Books

TJ is eager to start playing games with his new rescue cat, Shadow. Taking awhile to adapt to a new environment, Shadow will have to learn how to have fun again. And TJ, too, will have some new lessons to learn. For early elementary grades, and for cat lovers of all ages.

Available from Oklahoma Books Online, or contact me to order.

Poetry Books

Book Cover of "The Breaking Place" by Maria Polson Veres. Illustration of a surgical mask lying on a country road.The Breaking Place


Available through Amazon, or contact me to order.




Church People


Oklahoma Book Award finalist
Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. Best Book of Poetry

Available through Amazon, or contact me to order.


Wake Up Singing


Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. Best Book of Poetry

Available through Amazon, or contact me to order.


Cover of chapbook by Maria Polson Veres titled Waiting for Miracles

Waiting for Miracles

Village Books Press, 2007

Available from me or through Village Books Press



Selected Articles

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Writing and Publishing

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