I grew up on the edge of the Colorado Rockies. Our backyard bordered Pike National Forest, and wild irises nestled in the corners beneath aspen trees. Living in such beauty gave me a sense of wonder that finds its way into everything I write.

At age eleven I set up a studio in my bedroom closet and started my first novel. Sadly, I have no memory of what it was about! Since then my poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have appeared in more than fifty magazines, and I’ve published four poetry books.

I’ve spoken about writing and given poetry readings throughout the OKC metro area. I have also taught adult creative writing classes at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

Oklahoma has been home since 1999. I’m a mom, former food-sample lady, and the humble servant of a black longhaired cat named Luna. When I’m not writing or teaching, you might find me walking, enjoying nature, working out, or experimenting with new ways to cook lentils.